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  1. Avuá Tapinhoa

    Avuá Tapinhoa


    The single barrel used to produce this rare Tapinhoa aged Cachaça was originally used by the master distiller's father decades ago. The large vertical cask of dark, rich wood imparts a creamy texture and delicate notes of TOASTED COCONUTS and FRESH_CUT FLOWERS.

  2. Avuá Jequitiba Rosa

    Avuá Jequitiba Rosa


    Produced in a single barrel, this Jequitiba Rosa aged cachaça is our third offering in a series of native wood experiments. The large vertical cask of dark, rich wood imparts a LIGHT FRUITY AROMA with a delicate yet SLIGHTLY BITTER FLAVOR.

  3. Avuá Oak

    Avuá Oak


    Aged for up to two years in French Oak previously used to age white wine. Carvalho (Portuguese for Oak barrels) is the most common wood used for aging in Brazil and imparts notes of VANILLA, BUTTERSCOTCH, and BANANA that makes for an exquisite sipping spirit or perfect base for cocktails.

  4. Avuá Balsamo

    Avuá Balsamo


    Hand-crafted and aged up to two years in Balsamo wood casks, a high density, burgundy colored hardwood native to South and Central America. These tall trees with a fine grain impart a  HERBACEOUS AROMA with a flavor that hints at MINERALITY, CITRUS, and BITTERNESS.

  5. Avuá Amburana

    Avuá Amburana


    Aged in Amburana Wood, found only in the forests of South America. Resting in large 15-foot barrels of the potent indigenous wood produces a stunning mix of WARM and SAVORY notes on the nose an palate that provides a truly unique taste experience for cocktail experimentation or sipping.

  6. Avuá Still-Strength

    Avuá Still-Strength


    A reflection of the best of Avuá at 90 proof - the taste and strength intended by nature and alchemy. Rested in stainless steel casks, explored this BOLD and CRISP spirit with vegetal and banana notes perfect for cocktails that call for a higher proof base in tiki and stirred drinks.

  7. Avuá Prata

    Avuá Prata


    Prata iss our unaged, base offering that is proofed at 84 and rested six months in stainless steel casks before being hand bottled. The result is a LUSH and CRISP spirit with subtle floral notes perfect for cocktail application or the classic Caipirinha.

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